Spartan Wars Army Calculation, Your reviews

This page is made specifically for your feedback about my spartan wars calculator. I will be glad to any of your comments. Especially if you share a link to the calculator using facebook or google+.
Calculator is not finished completely — I constantly try to improve it. And your feedback can greatly help me in this! I would appreciate any information on your fights. Something like:
— How mush units you send on battle?
— How much units defender has?
— How much units you and defender lost on first/second/… turn?
— Which god you use, which bonus that god take?
and etc

Here is some helpful links:

Thorsten: I have checked with the software «Spartan wars Calculator 1.6″ (which calculates the troops needed for cave without any losses if the results are the same. They were not.

Answer: Well, I think we use complete different way to calculate results. That application use some sort of approximation I use full battle simulation. Thats mean my application simulate battle any army with any other. Some examples:

Lets attack this cave:


In that application we have following result:


But what happens if you use another army or another amount of archers? In my application you can easy calculate that. Just some examples:

Example 1:




Example 2:




Example 3:




I hope it helps.

And of course, my application can have errors or mistakes so if you see something what my app calculate wrong just send me message or leave comment here.

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