Spartan Wars, How to use Army Calculator?

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New Conquest mode, how to use my calculator?

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How to use Spartan Wars Army Calculator?

Well it is quite easy.

Firstly you should enter your army, just click on ‘Click here to add army units’ button on left side:


Select unit type and amount of yours unit


And click ‘+’ button. So you added first unit to your army:


Now you can delete this unit, add new one or change amounts of that units.


In opened dialog just enter new amount and click OK


Actually now you should add some units to your army and some to defender army. For example:


You will see step by step fighting


And fighting results


that’s very similar to real results:


Using Best Choises

Well, everything what you need – just start entering defender’s army


After you’ll see something like this:


So you can beat 10 Archer with 11 Axeriders OR 15 Lancers OR 23 Cavalries. Of course you can use any another type of units or another amount, but that value looks like the best.

After each like you can see smal triangle button. If you click on that button – all Attacker’s army will removed and replaced with that new value:



Permanent Link

Also you can use predefined calculation values. Each time when you add or remove any units to calculation that URL changes:


So everything what you need – just copy that URL and share it with your friend, or add to bookmarks and etc. Also there is small pin button, that button always pointing to that url.

So you can just click on that button to go to that predefined calculation. Also with right mouse click you can ease copy URL. Also that button can be useful on IPad, just long tap on that button and you can copy URL to your calculation into IPad’s clipboard


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  1. haskir говорит:

    Great Works!

    Urgent suggestion!

    After selecting the units, you can just click it away with the X.
    However, it is easier if you are integrating a switch, to select or deselect the units.
    Currently, you have to completely re-enter all the values​​, after you deselect it to trying something…

    Thank you

    PS: the Cave units are not calculate whit critikal, so lost sometime an units!

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