Spartan Wars, List of Gods

Well, I do not have all gods fo this moment, just some, and I need your help to collect all of them. Below you can see all gods what I saw in game, if you have any another god or your god leveled up, please send me screenshot to your god. Also you can leave your account, server or something else – I’ll put that info near to you picture on this page.

How to I get that pictures:

1. Goto Temple, and select My Gods tab, now you can choose any god from your list. Click on chat icon (top and right for god’s picture)


2. Click “Send” and click on card or your god:


3. Now do screenshot – just use Ipad’s Home button and Power button (You should use it in the same time)

4. Go to this page on Safari and tap on this link.


Select picture with your god:



Now click USE and after Send. That it!.


What’s Gods I have now:

  • Themis (Lv 1)
  • Artemis (Lv 1)
  • Hermes (Lv 1)
  • Hades (Lv 1, 2 and 4)
  • Hera (Lv 1)
  • Poseidon (Lv 1)
  • Dionysus (Lv 1)
  • Persephone (Lv 4, 3 Stars)


Thanks to B. Man. His gods is awersome:


Some Gods in German:

Thanks Joel Flotron for this:






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