Spartan Wars, new game mode Conquest

There is new mode in game – Conquest mode. You can use my calculator to figure out what unit you should use to have best results. Well, lets try to do that with any real life example:

For example we have following conquest army:


Open my calculator and enter that army in “defenders army” panel


As you can see we can use cavalry or archers, but when we will use archers we will have some losts. So lets try to use cavalries:



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3 комментария на «Spartan Wars, new game mode Conquest»

  1. G говорит:

    Just a little confused in your example your calculator shows 18 but you used 8 with no losses.

    Is this from the gods?

  2. dk говорит:

    How do we use the calculator for the conquest mode? Because there’s a limit for dispatching unit, so it’s impossible to achieve 3 stars while losing no troops when the enemy has large army. When I use your calculator, there is some missing, for example, against 3000 swd, 1500 spr, 1000 axe, I could use 750 archers for 3 stars, and lost around 70 archers. With your calculator, it said that 750 archers cannot win.

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