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August, 22 2016

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August, 18 2016

New Jersey (NJ) Lottery General Information Founded in 1970, New Jersey lottery has paid out nearly $10 billion in prizes. About 40% of the lottery's proceeds are used to support various state programs, including county colleges, school nutrition plans, educational scholarships and grants, veterans' homes, correctional institutions, and care for the disabled. Approximately half of lottery revenue is paid out in prizes and the rest is spent on administrative costs and commissions for participating merchants. The New Jersey Lottery has been the leader in innovation. Like all the early games, the earliest Lottery games required no player input other than buying a ticket. Each ticket was preprinted with a potential winning number combination, which was determined at weekly drawings. New Jersey Lottery has continued to make innovative changes to its games. The Lottery now offers players five online computerized games ~W Pick-3, Pick-4, Jersey Cash 5, Pick-6 Lotto and MEGA MILLIONS. And, all the online games have a feature called Quick Pick in which players can let the computer randomly generate their numbers. New Jersey Lottery drawings are held at 7:56 PM and are televised live over New Jersey Network Channels 23, 50, 52 and 58. Tickets for all Lottery games can be purchased from 5:00 AM to 12:00 midnight daily during normal business hours at agent locations throughout the state.

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